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MASTER THE BASICS: Cooking fundamentals SERIES with Chef Frank Schatz of the Culinary Cartel: WEEK TWO

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen looking to progress beyond boiling water or an advanced home cook wanting to take your cooking to the next level, the 6-week cooking basics series is just right for you.

In this cooking class series, you’ll go beyond merely following recipes to explore the cooking techniques that are the foundations for all recipes. Understanding what makes a recipe work rather than just how to follow it blindly will help you pull off dishes to perfection every time! Chef Frank will help you learn to be confident in the kitchen and teach you how to improvise using ingredients you find in your kitchen. You’ll learn the basic science and proper cooking methods that will make all cooking a breeze, from quick weeknight family meals to entertaining for a crowd! When we are finished cooking each week, we'll sit down together to enjoy the meal we've just prepared.

Take the whole course and pay for only 5 of the 6! Or come along to individual classes.


It’s time to put your newly-honed knife and kitchen skills to use! In this second class, we’ll chop ingredients for sautéing and stir frying, and break out the sauté pans for a night of stove top fun! While cooking up some delicious international dishes for those winter months, we’ll explore topics such as choosing the right pans and utensils, oils vs. butter, why to add oil only to a hot pan, and proper procedures for ensuring both proteins and veggies are done to perfection. We’ll even explore how to set your cooking on fire, the safe way, with flambé.


$85pp and includes class, recipes, dinner, and a glass of wine.